As SE-KA Elevator, we perform elevator installations in the best possible way. We carry out elevator installations safely.

In order to have an elevator installed, you need to have the elevator project designed. After this, the elevator installation process is completed in seven stages. Following the steps correctly in elevator installation is very important for the safety of the elevator. In case of incorrect elevator installations, elevators cannot receive security labels and license registration cannot be made. Mistakes made during installation are very difficult to correct later, and their costs may be higher than reinstalling the elevator. Our company, which is among the elevator installation companies, installs elevators in accordance with the projects. The fact that the elevator installation is carried out by certified companies ensures that you can be sure of its safety. As a company, we carry out elevator installations safely since we have an elevator installation certificate.


We install the elevator by following the elevator installation stages meticulously. So, what are the elevator installation stages? After the landing doors are installed and the rails are installed, the elevator drive system is installed. During elevator cabin installation, the counterweight must also be installed. The cabin installation is completed with the installation of the regulator, which is the safety system. The control system is important for elevators to provide active service. Elevator control systems must be installed in order to reach the correct floor. After the installation of the shaft bottom safety elements, the elevator floor calibration is performed and the elevators are made ready for use. You should contact our company to have elevator installations done at the most affordable prices. As Artesan Elevator, we ensure that you have the safest elevators with the best elevator installation processes. Correct elevator installation is essential for the safety of flat owners.

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