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As Se-Ka Elevator, we are a company that pays due attention to passenger elevators, freight elevators, platforms, moving walks and service elevators based on customer satisfaction. We carefully combine the processes with our high-quality, stylish designs and present them to our customers by passing them through the assembly process. Aiming to provide efficient and good service, our company aims to integrate appropriate equipment into appropriate locations.
Our goal is to build safe, high-quality, secure and comfortable elevators for the lives we carry hundreds of people every day. We have become a well-known company in a short time with our complete and innovative solutions for after-sales maintenance and repair of the installations we make.

We will continue to carry our brand to rising world standards.

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Comments from Our Happy Customers

“The only address for quality and professional workmanship. Mr. Ali and his team do amazing work. “I definitely recommend this friendly service.”

Enes Ö

“I don't look for quality in service anywhere else. "I would like to thank them for their dedication to their work, their trust, and their cheerfulness."

Hümeyra K

“They gave confidence by putting forward the best workmanship and effort under all the conditions we explained at the beginning. It will be my choice from now on. We thank you. “Welcome to Fethiye”

Tevfik B

They gave confidence by putting forth the best workmanship and effort under all the conditions we explained at the beginning. It will be my choice from now on. We thank you. Welcome to Fethiye

Tevfik Burak C.

Our Informative Articles

Elevator Systems

Elevator systems are seen almost everywhere as one of today's best technological solutions. As you know, elevators are designed with various features for the transportation of people and loads and provide significant convenience to the usage area. It is possible to produce it in different capacities and models depending on the traffic flow in the application area. Therefore, we can say that Elevator Systems are produced to suit every need in every field. Today the newly built…

Elevator Rail

The rail system in elevators is used to separately guide the vertical movements of the cabin and the counterweight, as well as to minimize horizontal movements and to stop the cabin in case the parachute system operates. In other words, we can say that the elements that the parachute system will use to hold the cabin are the rails. The rail system is generally used as a cold-drawn T profile. The Elevator Rail in question is used for irregular loading of the cabin, during loading and unloading and…

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