The mechanical life of elevators is about 10 years. Also, the year of construction is important. Considering these features, the operating performance of the elevator decreases after a certain period of time. Therefore, modernization is inevitable.

It is the use of more up-to-date and effective ones instead of outdated technological machines, equipment or social theories.

Modernization Types

Modernization is divided into two parts.


If the system is working properly, it is ensured by cabin decoration and button renewal.

  • The cabins are subjected to interior decoration on site.
  • Wall coverings are made of stainless or laminate.
  • Ceiling and floor coverings are renewed. A more spacious and brighter cabin is created.
  • Even if on-site decoration is done, the entire cabins, including carrier suspensions and parachute systems, which are unsafe in terms of safety, must be renewed.
  • During cabin renovation, a fully automatic interior safety door is installed. In this way, the elevator can be used more safely.

Floor and cabin buttons are renewed with LCD or digital displays. In this way, the user is satisfied by using extremely aesthetic and stylish buttons. In order for the new buttons to work, the control panel and installation must be replaced.


It is applied to elevators where the system does not work properly and healthily, lacks safety, and is dangerous as well as unhealthy.

  • Old type
  • Single-speed, very sudden and hard stopping
  • We can say that it only applies to elevators going to the pressed floor.

Thanks to the renewal of the control panel and machines of such elevators; Elevators are created that are faster and go to each floor sequentially.

For a modernization proposal, exploration is required first. For this, the working elevator must be completely examined and the Technical Inspection Report must be filled in, and then the offer must be prepared depending on the operating condition.

Although the application is carried out by most companies, it requires expertise. Elevators especially play an important role in human life. Wrong intervention, as well as wrong discovery, can lead to loss of life. Therefore, have your elevators regularly maintained, checked at regular intervals, get expert help for each application, and have such applications carried out for your elevators that are close to completing their useful life.

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