Stretcher Lift

Stretcher elevators are designed to transport patients laid on stretchers in hospitals. The main purpose of stretcher lifts is comfort. Stretcher elevators should not have as much vibration as other elevators. Even the slightest tremor will be a threat to a patient lying on a stretcher. In addition, an antibacterial environment is needed. Stretcher lifts It has stainless steel coating. It is designed to ensure that patients are not disturbed in any way. Every detail inside the elevator cabin is very important.

It is very important that any patient lying on the stretcher is transported comfortably and has an aesthetic structure with handles, lighting systems and other automatic systems.
Cabin interior dimensions are optional. In addition, it can have a carrying capacity of 1600, 2000 and 2500 kg.

The maintenance and repair process of stretcher elevators must be carried out carefully and carefully. Ignoring even a small detail can have major negative consequences. For this, every item with elevator equipment must be properly overhauled. No negativity should bother the patient. For this reason, the system on which the elevator is built must be well controlled.

The elevator cabin should provide comfortable compatibility with the stretcher. The patient's companion and one or two people accompanying him/her should easily enter the elevator cabin and move comfortably in the elevator. For example; An elevator in which even a stretcher can hardly enter the cabin will be out of preference because the most important detail is ignored, even if it has an aesthetic structure.

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