The escalators that are produced and sold in Turkey are designed according to EN 115 norm and manufactured by inspecting with a strict quality control system.

Escalators are a system that works with electricity, the stair steps constantly rotate, allowing people to go up or down to the next floor without climbing stairs. Escalators can carry more people than elevators. It is mostly used in shopping malls, hotels, business centers, airports, metro and train stations.

Standard designs are used in the escalators we sell, but special designs can be made according to the condition of the building and customer needs.

Thanks to the specially designed mold that minimizes weld shrinkage and measurement errors in the steel constructions of the escalators produced, the error percentage in process controls is close to zero, surprising many visitors.

The upper and lower stations, which are the most important parts of the escalator, are produced as standard in special molds. All station rails used are cold drawn and their surfaces are cleaned for comfort. All materials used in the drive system are selected from certified high-quality steels. Additionally, all steels are hardened against wear. The selected bearings are far superior to other bearings in terms of life, which ensures trouble-free operation of the ladder for many years.

The most important element during the design of the escalator is to create the escalator that best suits the structure of the building without compromising the relevant standard. The most important issue in escalators is passenger safety. This is the first issue addressed during the design phase.

In line with the data obtained after the first exploration, the carrier frame of the escalator is designed in three dimensions. Later, the carrier carcass static and dynamic analyzes are verified in computer environment. As a result of this test, if no problem is detected, other escalator equipment is placed on the carcass and the loads that may come to the building when operating at full capacity are calculated and notified to the project owner. When there is a non-standard application on the escalator due to building dimensions, necessary checks are made in the 3D design study. When necessary, the risk team is gathered and the risk analysis process is applied. Thus, maximum safety and customer satisfaction is ensured.

Following customer approval, all manufacturing drawings and product recipes are forwarded to production.
In accordance with fire regulations, special fire installations can be added to escalators in buildings such as shopping malls, marketplaces and large markets. The project design is done by a professional team, and the installation and testing of the installations are done by expert teams.

With our vulcanization technology, we can repair or replace almost any type of hand band. We try to respond to our customers' requests in the best way possible by performing on-site assembly when necessary.

Special motion sensors are placed on escalators to save energy.
Since the sensor used works with radar logic, it is not affected by light reflections like photocells.

Exterior coatings of escalators are made as Alucobond, Electrostatic Painted, Glass or Stainless coating according to customer preference.

Don't have space for an elevator in your building? Don't worry, we have eliminated this problem thanks to Villa Elevator's external elevator solution. Thanks to the external elevator system we offer to your liking, the elevators, which have a completely steel shaft and offer a pleasant journey with glass coating, add value to your buildings. Although the external elevator system, which can be easily applied even in very small areas, is designed for outdoor use, it can also be used inside buildings. The hydraulic system operates very quietly and offers smooth starting and stopping.

The elevator shaft, made entirely of steel, has dozens of color options to suit your taste and building color. With our expert team, production can be carried out in as little as 4 weeks. Hydraulic villa elevators have a special status, especially for elderly people, and their standards are much simpler and easier than other elevator systems.

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